About Us

Company history.

Protec Security services is a private security company specialized in providing total security solutions to its cherished clients; We lay down security measures to ensure clients do not lose their valuables except against natural disaster.

Our operations have been trusted and proven to stand the test of time, it is designed to cover staff, equipment, assets and also operate to deter, delay and deny unauthorized people from getting access.

Ensuring Highest Safety and Protection

With the increasing rate of crime and unrest in our communities, Protec Security Services was established to solve all security related issues to provide the peace, satisfaction and protection for individuals and institutions who may require our services.

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Why Choose Us


Our aim is to provide a safer society by being the best crime reducing private security company across the globe through excellent, professional and holistic security services to our clients.


Protec Security Services aims to provide highly professional and effective security solutions tailored to meet the needs of all our clients.

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